Topics of the conference

Symposium A

Optics of photorefractive media

  • Growth and physical properties of photorefractive crystals.
  • Holography and diffractive optics in photorefractive crystals.
  • Theoretical and experimental nonlinear optics in photorefractive crystals: multiple-wave interaction, phase-conjugation, etc.
  • Optical solitons and self-organized structures recorded in photorefractive crystals.
  • Neutron physics in photorefractive materials.
  • Light-induced phase and amplitude gratings in photorefractive materials.
  • Inverse piesoelectric and flexoelectric effects in photorefractive crystals.
  • Adaptive holographic interferometry and other applications of photorefractive crystals.
  • Photorefractive polymers and their applications.
  • Discrete optics in photorefractive media.

Symposium B

Phenomenological linear and nonlinear optics of crystals

  • Nonlinear optics of crystals: methods and applications.
  • Optics of anisotropic and isotropic waveguides.
  • Light beams in crystals.
  • Acousto-optics and photoacoustics in crystals.
  • Photonic crystals and their applications.
  • Ultrafast optical phenomena in crystals.
  • Holography in liquid crystals.
  • Doped and photonic-crystal optical fibers.
  • Crystals and nanotechnologies.
  • Fabrication and characterization of inorganic and organic optical crystals.
  • Quasi-phase-matching and periodically poled crystals.
  • Materials and crystals for THz generation and detection.