Abstract submission

Contributions for oral and/or poster presentations are invited in any of the listed themes. Abstract (2 full pages of an A4 format in .doc (Word 2003) and .pdf format additionally) should be sent by corresponding author to e-mail opt_cryst_14@mspu.by until 30 April 2014. Please, also point out in this e-mail the section given in Topics of the Conference to which the topic of your report belongs to and the form of your presentation (oral or poster). The corresponding author will receive the e-mail confirming the submission. If you have any questions about the submission of the abstracts, please contact us by e-mail (opt_cryst_14@mspu.by) or by phone +375 (0)236 323465

Instruction for authors

Abstracts have to be submitted in .doc (Word 2003) and .pdf format additionally. All text, including footnotes, author information, and illustration must appear within a two full A4 pages.

Use Times New Roman font, 12 pt, 1.0 spacing. All margins are 25 mm. Indention is 1.25 cm.

The first line(s) containing the abstract name is (are) aligned at the center and without a point in the end in a semiboldface font, uppercase.

After the abstract name the initials and the surname of the author (authors) are placed in italics. The line is aligned at the center and without a point in the end.

After the author names the affiliation of each authors and e-mail address of correspondent author are located.

Start the text of the abstract with indention, with alignment on width.

Write down the word "REFERENCES" (with indention, with alignment by the left edge) and further in a line write down the the reference list. Print the information on each source starting with indention. The references to the literature are given in the text in square brackets.

Only complicated formulae should be typed in the Equation Editor. Greek letters, Latin letters in mathematical symbols (e.g., sin, lg), symbols of chemical elements (e.g., Cl, Na, I), vectors and indexes (superscript, subscript), which are abbreviations of words, and numerals (Roman and Arabic), are printed in Regular Roman type. Latin letters – variables, symbols of physical quantities (including indexes) – are printed in Italic (sloping) type. Vectors (without arrows above) as well as words and numerals, which are to be marked off, are printed in Bold type.

Tables and drawings go under the text only in black-and-white execution (a font is not less than 10 pt, and illustrations should be inside the object «Drawing MS Word».

After the names of all authors the following data are given:

For journal articles: the journal title with accepted abbreviations, volume (in bold type) number (in case of necessity), first and final pages, year (in parentheses).

For monographs: the complete title of the monograph, the place of publication, publishing house, the year of publication (in parentheses), and pages of a reference (for an article in a book).

In the text, references are denoted by ordinal numbers in brackets ([1], [3-5]) taking into account the disposition of tables and figures.

Examples of references

[1] N.N. Ivanov. JAS, 49, 359–367 (1988).

[2] I.I. Ivanov, P.P. Petrov. Appl. Phys. B, 98, 459–466 (2010).

[3] Photorefractive Materials and Their Applications. Pt 2. Materials, Eds. P.Günter, J.-P.Huignard, New York, Springer (2007).

[4] L.Solymar, D.J.Webb, A.Grunnet-Jepsen. The Physics and Applications of Photorefractive Materials, Oxford, Clarendon Press (1996).

The text is not subjected to further editing and is the original for publication. The organizing committee reserves the right to select the offered materials for inclusion in the program of conference and their publication. Abstracts presented with violation of the above-listed Rules will not be considered.


Manuscript submission

After submitting your contribution at conference you are invited to submit the paper for publication in the Journal of Applied Spectroscopy, marked "This paper was presented at the International Conference" Optics of crystals - 2014 ", 23-26 September 2014, Mozyr, Belarus." The paper should be submitted in an electronic form before November 1, 2014 to the email address jas@ifanbel.bas-net.by. It may be published in the first or second issue of the Journal in 2015 in case of approval by reviewers. The website of the Journal is available at this link.

Authors from outside the CIS (Community of Independent States) can submit the papers in English. These papers will be published in English both in the Russian and in the English versions of the journal.

Authors from the CIS (Community of Independent States) are invited to submit the papers to the Zhurnal Prikladnoi Spektroskopii in Russian. These papers will be published in Russian in the Russian version of the journal, but in English in the English version of the journal.